The Administrator customizing your Workspace is easy and can be created within minutes. When customization is completed and saved by the Administrator, the newly designed Workspace will automatically be set as default for all other users within this Workspace.

These are the various changes you can make to your Workspace:

  • Name the Workspace
  • Implement a color theme
  • Place company logos
  • Create content for the support page

1) Click on the ( ) icon, seen on the top right side2) Select Settings, the Settings window opens

3) Select Branding from under the sub-heading ‘Workspace’

Fig. 1

4) Make all required changes

Note: Logos must be uploaded in one of these formats: jpeg, gif, png or pjpeg.

5) Click the Done button in the upper left of the screen (refer to Fig. 1)

 Fig. 2

It is also possible to restore the Workspace to default branding settings. To do this, click 'Restore to default' and then click 'Done' in the upper left of your screen.


Workspace 365 – Workspace templates

1) Navigate to Settings > Workspace management, on this page you have the ability to choose if you want to set your Workspace as a template for new users.

2) If you make changes to your Workspace you need to update the template by clicking the 'Set my workspace as template' option.

Fig. 3