The Administrator of the Workspace can decide which sites and libraries will be used within the Workspace for storing data in the Cloud.

Note: The SharePoint server has to be validated. In most cases this is already done by the Administrator when logging in to the Workspace for the first time.

1)  Navigate to Settings > Services , a list of available Team Sites, Sub-sites and linked libraries will appear

Fig. 1

2) Activate the site and/or library of your choice 

3) Save selections by clicking 'Done'

4) Navigate to the Workspace

5) Open 'Folders & Files', you will now see a navigation pane on the left side of the screen 

On the navigation pane, the activated sites and document libraries will be visible for all users who have permissions to use them. 

Note: Your personal OneDrive library can also be found here (My Documents) and can be used for saving files on the cloud. This personal library is not available for other Workspace users.

Underlying libraries will appear when you click on the site of your choice. The contents of a library will be shown once you have selected the library of your choice.

Making Use of Multiple Team Sites

It is possible to use multiple Team Sites within the Workspace environment, but there are certain conditions to do so:

  1. The Administrator must see to it that the SharePoint environment is validated and multiple Team Sites/Sub Sites/Libraries are enabled after validation;
  2. All Team Sites have to be created in the same SharePoint environment (which is connected to your Workspace);
  3. Users should have correct permissions within these Team Sites, for being able to view and edit content via the Workspace.

If correctly validated, a list with all Team Sites will appear.

As an Administrator you may also want to learn how to do one of the following: