With OneDrive for Business it is possible to synchronize shared SharePoint libraries (which are used within Workspace 365) to a local disk. This allows you to:

  • Open the most recent version of shared files locally, without having to download them or logging in online
  • Edit documents with the Office application of your choice, you are no longer tied to Office Online applications which are more limited in functionalities
  • Automatic synchronization ensures that files are always up-to-date, checking versions of files is therefore redundant and saves time

The OneDrive for Business sync client can be downloaded via https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/download. Here you can also find the instructions for installation.

Note: OneDrive provisioning in Office 365 must be completed before you can sync personal OneDrive libraries via Workspace 365. This can be done using one of these options:

As an Individual User:

1) Login to the Office 365 Portal and open OneDrive. If this was not opened before, the following will appear:

Fig. 1

2) Click Next. Provisioning will now be completed and the personal OneDrive library will appear:

Fig. 2

Multiple users:

1) When multiple users want to make use of syncing personal OneDrive libraries in Workspace 365 and they did not complete the OneDrive provisioning, you can run a PowerShell Script to provision them all at once.

2)You have to connect to Office 365 via PowerShell using the Admin account of the Office 365 tenant and also have to fill in the SharePoint Admin URL (the script explains exactly where to put this specific information), see below for the script:

Fig. 3: Click here to see script

When having installed the OneDrive for Business sync client you will be able to synchronize SharePoint libraries to a local disk. You can access these synchronized libraries using Windows Explorer.

1) Login to your Workspace and open Folders & Files

2) Select the library of your choice (left side of the screen)

3) After this, click the “Sync” button:

Fig. 4

4) The Sync popup will now appear. Here you can choose to manually synchronize the library or to synchronize automatically

Fig. 5

5) If you want to do this manually, please copy the library URL by clicking the document button next to the URL:

Fig. 6

6) Open the OneDrive for Business sync client and select 'Sync a new library'

7) You will be asked which library should be synchronized. Paste the copied URL in the field and click 'Sync Now'

8) The synchronization will start. You can track the progress by clicking “Show my files”

Fig. 7

9) If you wish to synchronize automatically, please click the 'Sync now' button (see picture at step 4) and the OneDrive popup will appear

10) Click 'Sync Now' again and the synchronization progress will start:

Fig. 8

11) If synchronization is complete, folder and files will get a green checkmark.


Fig. 9


As an Administrator you may also want to know how to do one of the following: