1. Why would I choose Workspace 365?

Today, employees have access to the internet using more and more devices. Traditional workplace solutions solve this by making use of old technologies which are less suitable and not affordable. Because Workspace 365 sees the browser as an operating system, we are able to deliver an affordable workplace solution for any device with a browser and internet connection. First, we simplify the access to all your applications. We do this by providing single sign-on to web- & Windows applications and allowing you to open each application within your browser (without downloading/installing a client). The second step is to combine information from third party applications in a personalized dashboard. The online workspace allows you to manage email, documents and all your business processes from one central starting point. The intuitive user-interface provides structure and simplicity which increases the productivity of employees. Our goal is to simplify their work that is why we’ll keep your workspace up-to-date with new improvements every three weeks.

  1. What do I need to start with Workspace 365?

Great to see that you are looking into this, let us know if we can help you. See the below table or read more about what is necessary on our support portal.


  1. Where is my data stored?

Let us ask you this, where do you want it to be stored? Workspace 365 can be hosted by IT-providers in your local area or you can choose to use our cloud. So, it depends on the partner from whom you purchase Workspace 365. For our direct customers, the data in Workspace 365 will be stored in a Dutch datacenter. However, data (documents and email) which uses technologies like Office 365, Exchange or SharePoint will never be stored at New Day at Work’s datacenter. Ask your business partner which license is used to find out where your documents and email are stored.

  1. Can I access my files offline as well?

Yes, you can! By linking Workspace 365 to OneDrive or SharePoint your files are always available, anywhere and anytime.

  1. Does Workspace 365 also operate on a tablet or smartphone?

Workspace 365 operates on any device with a browser and internet connection. It automatically adjusts its interface to the screen resolution on any device.

  1. Where can I buy Workspace 365?

Companies: We offer Workspace 365 via a partner channel to give you the best support. Please contact us to help you select a partner or check out the Workspace 365 partner page. Resellers: We focus on our partner channel to help service providers with setting up the best workspaces. Check out more information about our partnership on this page.

  1. Is it possible to integrate other software?

Yes! Our main goal is to integrate as many tools as possible. Our first step was to simplify access to every application, both web- as Windows applications. To reach this, we integrate with Office 365, Azure, Citrix XenApp and many other applications. Next to this, we are integrating live information from third party applications to provide you a automatically personalized dashboard. In addition, there is an API available to create a link between our Business Apps and other applications. New Day at Work cooperates with multiple business partners to provide these customized solutions.