After finishing the setup, Workspace 365 will open your starting point. This is where you can organize all your Apps and Personal App Groups. 

Note: The Workspace Administrator might already have organized this page to suit your needs.





  In the upper left of your screen you can find the Home button, use this to navigate back to your main page (this button is available from all locations in the Workspace).
 Clicking this button will open an overview showing all your current available Apps. You can search Apps, make a selection and click Add to Workspace. If you are satisfied with the result, click Save.
Clicking this button will activate Edit Mode and you will be able to re-organize App Groups, re-position App Groups and edit individual Apps. For editing an App, select it and click the (new) Edit App button in the upper action bar.
 Clicking this button will open a drop down menu. Here you can click New Personal Group to add a new group to your main page and drag ‘n drop Apps to it. Also, you can rename the Group. If the Workspace Administrator has created Shared App Groups, you will find them in the drop down menu as well. You can check or uncheck the box before the group name to hide or show them on your main page.
  Clicking the Recent Items button at the upper right of your screen will show you the most recent pages you opened in the Workspace. This allows you to speed up your navigation.
  Clicking the Create button at the upper right of your screen will open a list of items which can be created quickly.


As an end-user you may also want to learn how to do one of the following: