1. Login to your Customer Control Panel & click on BitTitan from the left-side menu options:


  1. On this page, follow the 3-step process to get on-boarded with BitTitan:


Make a note of the Coupon code.

Administrators and managers add subscriptions and licenses to MSPComplete by redeeming a coupon generated from a distributor, from another workgroup, or from a different MSPComplete account. You can also shift subscriptions and licenses from one workgroup to another, or from one MSPComplete account to another, by generating a coupon and then redeeming it in the desired workgroup or account.

  1. To create or login to an existing BitTitan account, navigate to the following link:


  1. To redeem the coupon code, navigate to the following link:


  1. Start your project - Apply User Migration Bundle Licenses to the customer's users: