Change orders are not supported in BitTitan Subscription. BitTitan does not allow upsize / downsize of licenses.

In the event you placed a change order for BitTitan it will go into Long Running Operation. Please contact support to have this order canceled.

If this was a change order to increase the subscription, you do not need to wait for support to cancel the order, you can place a new order. See the example below.

Upgrade License Example: If the existing subscription has 90 licenses and you need 100, you should create a new sales order for the additional 10. 

Downgrade License Example: If an existing subscription has 90 licenses and you only need 86, you cannot decrease the order.  You have paid for 90 licenses, and a credit will not be issued.  It is best to keep the 90 licenses in the event you may need the additional 4 at some point in the future.  You have up to 1 year past the purchase date to use them.