Does Identity Synchronizer modify the Active Directory schema in any way?

No. Identity Synchronizer does not alter the Active Directory schema and all of its information is stored in a centralized SQL database. This is to maintain compatibility with Microsoft and any changes they make to Active Directory.

Since you’re storing information in a SQL database, how is sensitive information within the Identity Synchronizer platform protected?

Our first line of defense is the security built into SQL Server itself, however due to the nature of IDSync we take many extra precautions.   All sensitive information stored in the IDSync database is first salted with random data elements and then encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.  Even if a user were able to access the SQL server database — the sensitive information stored within IDSync would be unreadable and unalterable.

Can I install the Identity Synchronizer extensions to ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) on my Network Administrators workstations?

Yes. Identity Synchronizer’s ADUC integrations can be installed on any number of machines including network administrators so they can administer users without remote access to the domain controllers.

Identity Synchronizer displays a tab in Active Directory for each application that it integrates with. Is this supported by Microsoft?

Identity Synchronizer uses an interface and API provided by Microsoft to provide this tight level of integration. It is fully supported by Microsoft as it is the same mechanism that they use to support their own integrations.

Does Identity Synchronizer support synchronization of password to integrated applications? What if a user changes their password at their workstation with CTL+ALT+DEL?

Identity Synchronizer integrates directly with Active Directory so when a user changes their password (regardless of what method is used) the password is automatically updated to all integrated applications.

Do you know if the integration with CW is with ConnectWise Cloud and on-prem?

The testing environment which Connectwise provided to IDSync was a hosted environment.  Therefore, our product was developed and tested with the hosted environment in mind.  We have not had an on-prem. system against which to test.   Assuming that the API works the same in Connectwise on-prem. as it does with Connectwise hosted, our solution should work on both platforms.  We will do some investigation to see if this assumption holds true.

Can a Customer OR Reseller have more than one subscription?

NO, one customer can’t have more than one IDSync (for customer) subscription, and also one reseller can’t have more than one IDsync (for reseller) subscription. However, reseller / Customer can use the same account to purchase a new subscription only if he doesn't have a active IDSync subscription 

What is the process for getting ID Sync support in the future? (email to, call to, support portal, etc)?

Standard Ingram help desk services for IDSync are available from Ingram as part of the purchase process.   As part of QuickStart services, we make our direct help desk here at IDSync for 30 days after start for follow-up questions and making sure all is OK.  Customers are welcome to open a ticket with our help desk via either email or phone.  Response time is typically same day or next, eastern time.  We do provide fee based direct technical support and professional services for many of our customers but for the Billing Studio product, as long as they have gone thru QuickStart and have their own network engineer, they unlikely to need additional assistance.  If they need some advice or need question answered, always happy to assist.

 What is the frequency of ID Sync updates?  I assume that we apply the updates ourselves, is that correct?  How closely are ID Sync updates coordinated with ConnectWise updates?

IDSync updates are driven by new software features, changes in Ingram Marketplace, Changes in ConnectWise, Changes in Windows, changes in CloudBlue Commerce.    In the last year we have made a couple of releases….these come with instructions to upgrade and we provide additional guidance as requested.  By necessity our changes follow notifications or software releases of these other integration vendors.    It is possible that these firms will make changes to their software that will cause some disruption but so far it has not occurred in our 5 years of operation however it is always a concern and priority here and we are vigilant about the issue.

We were interested in the “QuickStart” engagement available for ~$450.  Can you confirm for us what this includes and what the scheduling for this looks like? (i.e. can it be scheduled w/in a week typically or is it several weeks out to get on the schedule?)

Attached is definition of the service….. lead time for scheduling is usually a couple of days to perhaps a week, after payment is received.  Attached is description of the service.