TeamViewer provides the following subscriptions through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace:

  • TeamViewer
  • TeamViewer Pilot
  • TeamViewer Remote Management
  • TeamViewer Blizz

When you go to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace you can find the above subscriptions by typing their name(s) in the search box available at the Cloud Marketplace. As you click on the search result and add the required subscription to the Cart, you will see the available Resources and Add – Ons for the subscription.


  1. Log in to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Search for TeamViewer in the search box.
  3. You will see the available TeamViewer subscriptions in the result.
  4. Select the required subscription from the result by clicking on it.
  5. You will see the description and offerings available in the selected subscription.
  6. Click on the ADD TO CART button available at the bottom, or in front of the subscription name.
  7. Click on the Cart icon as the subscription is added to the cart.
  8. Here you can see the available Add – Ons with the subscription. If you want to purchase the Add – Ons available with the subscription, then click on the + button next to Add-Ons.
  9. You can add as many as required Add – Ons from this page up to the Maximum limit available there.

NOTE: Only one TeamViewer subscription per customer is allowed. If you need more than that, please contact Ingram Micro.

Available Subscriptions


TeamViewer™ is the world’s most-loved remote desktop tool with over 30,000 new downloads every hour. Currently, there are over 1.7 billion live TeamViewer IDs that access the world’s largest and fastest remote connection network. This is the only tool you will ever need to keep all your computers, servers, and devices at your fingertips.
The service gives companies most of the same benefits that on-premises deployments provide. By integrating with the cloud service, companies can expand their market share, automate and grow recurring revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and cut operational costs at the same time.


Figure 1.1 - TeamViewer Business


Figure 1.2 - TeamViewer Corporate


Figure 1.3 - TeamViewer Premium

TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer Pilot is a remote support solution that provides easy, fast, and secure augmented reality-powered assistance to identify and solve problems from anywhere in the world.

Augmented reality enables you to fix issues beyond the screen – no matter how far away you are. With TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution TeamViewer Pilot, you will be able to see through your connection partner’s smartphone camera. At a glance, you can observe any kind of equipment, machinery, infrastructure issue, and more. Guide your partner by setting 3D markers onto real-world objects.


Figure 2 - TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer Remote Management

TeamViewer Remote Management is the leading all-in-one solution for remote control and remote support. It allows you to centrally manage, monitor, track, and protect all network devices and assets, so you can proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. TeamViewer Remote Management combines TeamViewer Monitoring, TeamViewer Asset Management, TeamViewer Endpoint Protection, and TeamViewer Backup.

Proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure: Centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software – all from a single platform.


Figure 3 - TeamViewer Remote Management

TeamViewer Blizz

The Blizz Collaboration Companion from TeamViewer keeps you connected to your contacts and global team through video, voice, instant chat messaging, screen sharing, and more on any device, anywhere!

The Blizz Collaboration Companion™ installs on your desktop or mobile phone for quick access to all your (Blizz and TeamViewer) contacts, enabling logged and indexed team messaging, face-to-face HD VoIP video and audio calling, instant or scheduled huge group meetings (up to 300 people), screen sharing, and session recording for later use—all the essential meeting tools you need to communicate better with your teams and clients, from anywhere, any time.


Figure 4 - TeamViewer Blizz

NOTE: Every subscription has the Add-ons for the customers, based on their subscription requirements they can purchase the Add-ons resources with additional cost.