This article broadly describes the purchase process of Cisco - Spark

  1. Go to Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace
  2. Click on 'Login' at the right top corner



  1. Log in to Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace with your 'reseller credentials'



  1. Select 'Cloud Services'.



  1. Click on 'Communication and Collaboration'.



  1. Select 'Cisco – Spark



  1. Click "Buy now" to purchase 'Cisco – Spark' on Monthly Pre-Paid or Annual Pre - Paid Subscriptions based upon your requirement.



  1. (optional) Add the number of "License" by using the (+) symbol based upon your requirement and click on 'Continue'




  1. Next the ‘My Cart’ page will open, and you can review the contents of your shopping cart and then click the "Proceed to Check Out" button.





  1. On the ‘Customer Information’ page, you will select or enter information about the Customer you are selling to. However, you will get an error message before placing                           the order. It means that the validation process has failed.


Note: The validation of the reseller ID (DRAN) will be performed instantly. If you are not in possession of a valid Cisco reseller ID (DRAN) it will not be possible to proceed the validation, and successfully complete an order.


Kindly review the following article this will helps you to Enter the valid Cisco reseller ID (DRAN).


  1. Once the 'Disti Validated Ran' (DRAN) is updated please proceed further.
  2. Choose a Customer

An existing customer (i.e. a customer you have previously sold to with Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace), select your customer from drop down options under ‘Select an Existing Customer’ and then click the "Continue" All the information about your customer from the earlier transaction will automatically be applied (such as their name, civic address, phone number etc.).

A new customer (i.e. first-time order for this Customer on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace), you will be presented with a form in which to fill in the required customer information (such as their name, address, phone number, etc.)

NOTE:  The Customer Email address that you supply here will be used to receive the Welcome Email upon successful provisioning of the service. If you wish to receive the Welcome Email yourself, enter your own email address here.





  1. On the ‘Order Placement’ page, select your "Billing Terms" and "Payment Method" based upon your requirement, and enable the terms of Service check box and finally click the 'Submit' button

IMPORTANT: The grand total does not include all applicable taxes. Local taxes will be calculated and applied to your ‘Final Invoice’.




  1. Once your subscription has been purchased, you will get the "Order Number" to get process. However, you will receive a confirmation email once the service or order is "Provisioned". You may monitor the "Provisioning progress" from the Reseller Control Panel.