Starter Guide

The Dropbox Starter Guide summarizes important features and functions which enable Customers to begin using their Dropbox subscriptions. You can click on links for detailed instructions related to the highlighted point.

Purchasing Dropbox from the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

You can find Dropbox services plans on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace (CMP) by selecting the option CLOUD SERVICES > COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION.


Resellers must have a Dropbox-issued Reseller ID for purchasing Dropbox subscriptions.


Note the following scenarios:

  • If you do not have a Reseller ID you can acquire one while purchasing a Dropbox subscription from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace.
  • If you have purchased Dropbox previously from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace (CMP), your Reseller ID will be automatically displayed at checkout.
  • If you have a Reseller ID but are purchasing Dropbox from the Ingram Micro CMP for the first time you can go through the purchasing process on Ingram Micro’s CMP and enter your Reseller ID during checkout.

About Dropbox Service Plan Options



 Dropbox Business: Enterprise (monthly and annual) require you to get in touch with Ingram Micro by phone, email or by filling out the ‘Online Form’.



Dropbox Business: Advanced Server Integration (monthly and annual) offers tiered pricing.

Dropbox Business: Standard and Advanced (monthly and annual) requires a minimum purchase of 3 licenses.

If you need more than the minimum required number of licenses, then on the ‘Order Details’ page you can use the + and - buttons to indicate how many additional licenses are required (1 license for every User on your Dropbox Team). The total price reflects the cost for the minimum required number of licenses plus any additional licenses that you want to purchase i.e.


Once the Dropbox subscription has been successfully provisioned, the Customer will receive 3 emails:

1) The invoice for the Dropbox subscription (from Ingram Micro/Reseller)

2) Instructions for activating the Dropbox account (Ingram Micro/Reseller)

3) Invitation to become a part of the company’s Dropbox Team (from Dropbox)

IMPORTANT! Resellers can ensure that Ingram Micro’s Dropbox account’s deployment instructions are received by the Reseller and not the Customer by providing an email address that adheres to the following:

  1. Belongs to YOUR (Reseller’s) domain and
  2. Unique to Dropbox i.e. not already attached to a Dropbox Business account.

Customer Control Panel Overview

You or your Customer can log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP) to view a Dropbox subscription’s details. The kind of information displayed in the CCP are:

5) Licenses: Shows the total number of licenses and the number of assigned licenses

6) Space Quota: Shows the amount of allotted storage space that is used.

7) Subscription Status: ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ – A subscription becomes active when the first Team Admin has created his/her Dropbox account.

8) Expiry Date: Subscription’s expiry date

9) Automatic Renewal Status: ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’ (refer to ‘How to: Toggle Auto-renew On/Off’ for instructions on enabling auto-renewal)

10) Monthly Price: Cost of subscription

1) Team Name: Team name, by default, uses the Customer’s ‘Company Name’ and has a 20-character limit. If the Company Name is more than this character limit, it will be automatically truncated to the first 20 characters of the ‘Company Name’.


2) Admin’s Email ID: By default, the first Team Admin email ID is displayed here (first Team Admin’s role is automatically assigned to the individual whose information was provided at the time of purchasing the Dropbox subscription).


3) Plan Name: The service plan’s name as shown in the Cloud Marketplace (CMP).


4) Plan Description: This field contains the plan’s basic information: whether it’s ‘Standard’, ‘Advanced’, ‘Enterprise or ‘Enterprise Server’ and whether payment is due monthly or annually.



11) Any Users associated with this Customer is listed under the ‘Users’ section



For Dropbox, you or your Customer can log in to the Customer Control Panel to perform the following actions:

i)View subscription details

ii)Create Dropbox Team

iii) Resend ‘Welcome’ email to assigned Users

iv)Log in to Dropbox (as Team Admin)

v)Modify a User’s role

vi)Unassign the Dropbox service for a User

vii) Synchronize members’ information

viii) View Dropbox online help

ix)Purchase additional licenses

x)Purchase storage add-ons

xi)Switch between Dropbox service plans

xii) Renew subscription (generic steps common to all products)

xiii) Enable/disable auto-renew (generic steps common to all products)

xiv) Cancel subscription (generic steps common to all products)


Users and Roles

Please remember the following about Users and their roles:

1) The same email ID cannot be used across multiple Dropbox subscriptions.

2) The role of Team Administrator (Team Admin) is automatically assigned to the individual whose information was provided at the time of purchasing the Dropbox subscription. If the Customer has multiple Dropbox subscriptions, then the Customer must assign a new User to the role of Team Admin for the other Dropbox subscriptions. In relation to assigning the role of ‘Team Admin’ to another User keep the following in mind:



i) The User assigned the role of ‘Team Admin’ must be an ‘Admin User’ in the Customer Control Panel (refer to ‘How to: Create Users/Admins’ to learn how to create an ‘Admin User’).




ii) While creating the ‘Admin User’ DO NOT assign the Dropbox subscription (for detailed instructions on creating a Team Admin for a Dropbox subscription refer to ‘How to: Create a Dropbox Team’ sub-section ‘Assigning a Team Admin to a Dropbox Subscription (Customer is already ‘Team Admin’ for another Dropbox Subscription)’.


iii) If there are no ‘Admin Users’ available to assign the role of ‘Team Admin’ then the ‘Select an Admin User’ field (refer to screenshot above) will not be available. You must create a new ‘Admin User’ first, then the ‘Select an Admin User’ field becomes available for assigning the ‘Team Admin’ role.


Once the first Team Admin role is assigned (this is specifically the ‘Team Admin’s’ email ID that is displayed on the ‘Dropbox’ home page within CCP), Team Admins must create their Dropbox accounts first. Only then will other Team Members receive their ‘Welcome Email’ to join their team.

All Team Members must create their respective Dropbox accounts in order to begin using Dropbox. For instructions on using Dropbox, refer to the Dropbox User Guide.

If changes are made to Users’ roles or information you can synchronize members’ information between Dropbox and CCP by using the SYNCHRONIZE MEMBERS button (refer to ‘How to: Synchronize Members’ Information between CCP and Dropbox Account‘  for detailed instructions).

If you disable a User, the license remains assigned to the User. To free a license you need to unassign the Dropbox service or delete the User. These actions can be performed from a Team Admin’s Dropbox account as well (refer to ‘How to: Suspend or Delete a User (Dropbox Account)’).


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