Once you have made a purchase of Dropbox connect subscription, you have to initiate a provision process manually from the Reseller Control Panel. A connect subscription remains in Long Running Operations until we proceed for the next step.

You can view the subscription status from the Classic Panel.


Please follow the below process for provisioning Dropbox Connect Subscription.

Important Note:

  • Dropbox Connect Trials will not change to Paid automatically. Resellers have to upgrade to paid manually.
  • Additional iterations may be required if the connector requires more information from the customer, for example, if the admin email already exists in Dropbox.


  1. As you have made the purchase of the subscription, go back to the Dashboard of your Reseller Control Panel.


  1. Click on the Setting option from the left side menu.


  1. Here you will be able to see the Dropbox Connect Subscription with Inquiring status. Click on REQUIRES ATTENTION button.


  1. You will be redirected to the Connect portal page, provide your Dropbox Reseller ID and click on the SUBMIT button.


  1. You will receive a Message shown below. If you have provided a valid Dropbox Reseller ID, your order will be processed.


  1. Customer Admin user will receive an email from the Dropbox with Activation form link. Ask your customer to click on the Activation Form link.


  1. They will be redirected to Connect Portal and asked to choose the Data Residency, where they want to store their data geographically. Select the option available in the list and click on the SUBMIT button.


  1. Customer will see a message that Processing of your request has been resumed.