Through the Customer Control Panel (CCP) you can create users; assign licenses; and view usage reports.

The following article describes: troubleshooting your first-time login to CCP for Dropbox; understanding the Dropbox dashboard; and how to customize it.

First-Time Login & Troubleshooting

  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


  1. Select Dropbox from the left side menu.



There are a few scenarios which will generate errors when you first log in to your Dropbox account on the CCP. The following table describes these errors and how to resolve it:


Error Message


1. Admin User has been invited to join another team or is already a   part of another team i.e. the Team Admin’s email ID already exists in Dropbox.

Create a new Team Admin (refer to ‘How to: Re-Assign the Team Administrator Role (CCP)’)


2. Team name exceeds 20 characters.  

  • Enter an alternative team name that meets the 20-character requirement
  • Click the Save   button

3. There is no Team Admin user in the list. You must create a new Team Admin user using the Account/Admin tab.


This error appears because at the time of purchasing your Dropbox service, the reseller’s information was provided so, username, password and   email address and the Dropbox account is connected to the reseller, and the reseller has not accepted the invite.

You can re-assign the role of Team Administrator by following the steps   detailed under ‘How to: Re-Assign the Team Administrator Role (CCP)’. Then delete the VAR as administrator (refer to ‘How to: Delete an Administrator from Your Dropbox Account’) or if you just want to change the VAR’s member permissions refer to: ‘How to: Edit a Team Member’s Information and Set Member’s Permissions’.


Once the error has been removed, you can resume to use the Dropbox account within CCP. Following is a description of the Dropbox Account within CCP.

  1. The ‘Dropbox team information.’ page opens



  1. Here you will see information about the Dropbox subscription and as you scroll down, you will be able to see the members (Active, Invited and Not Assigned).



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