• First time access to the Dropbox account must be through the email invite.
  • Atleast 1 Team Admin must create his/her Dropbox account before the Dropbox subscription becomes ‘Activated’ and other team members can join.
  • All Admins and Users must create their accounts to begin using Dropbox.


1) Open the ‘<company name> invited you to Dropbox Business’ email


2) Click on the Join your team button

3) Dropbox’s welcome and account creation page opens


3) Create a ‘Password’ and tick the ‘I agree to the Dropbox Business Agreement and Terms’ checkbox

4) You will receive a confirmation message and the option to download the desktop version of Dropbox or to go directly to the online version

Once the account has been created, you can access your Dropbox account entering login credentials at First Team Admin can login from the CCP directly into their Dropbox account.