New team members should note the following at initial login:

1.      First time access to your Dropbox account must be through the email invite

2.      Team members will be required to provide personal information that is linked to their team’s Dropbox Account

Provide each team member with: i) the password you created when adding them as members and ii) the following instructions so they can access their Dropbox account.

1) Login to your email account associated with your Dropbox account

2) Open the Dropbox invite


3) Click on the Join your team button

4) A new window opens, pre-populated with your personal information


5) Enter the password provided by your Team Admin


6) Tick the ‘I agree to the Dropbox terms’ checkbox

7) Click the Create Account button

The Team member will receive a confirmation message and given the option to download the desktop version of Dropbox or use the link to access the Dropbox account online.

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