The Team Admin can edit a User’s role either from the Customer Control Panel (CCP) or the Team Admin’s Dropbox Account.

Editing User’s through CCP

1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel


2) Select the Dropbox subscription from the left-side menu options (you can identify different subscriptions based on the subscription ID)


3) On the ‘Dropbox’ page, scroll down to the ‘Users’ section



4) Corresponding to the User whose role you want to change click ACTIONS > Change User’s Role


5) On the ‘Change Dropbox Role for <team member’s name>’ page, click on the  to select a role from under ‘User’s role’


6) Click the OK button


7) You will receive a confirmation notification that the User’s role has been updated


Editing User’s Role through Dropbox Account


1) When you log in to your Dropbox Account (must be a ‘Team Admin’) you will land on the ‘Home’ page


2) Select Admin Console from the list of options from the left side menu


3) Ensure ‘Members’ is selected from the sub-menu options


4) On the ‘Members’ page, click on the settings icon () and select ‘Change admin permissions’


5) Make required changes to the User’s permissions


1) Click on Remove admin permissions button if you want the User to be a ‘Member only’


2) Select between the different Admin roles


6) Click the Change button



7) Click on the Change admin permissions button to confirm that you want to keep these changes



8) The User’s new role is updated under ‘Status’


Refer to ‘How to: Synchronize Members’ Information between CCP and Dropbox Account’ to learn how to synchronize members’ data information between the CCP and the team’s Dropbox Account.