Only the Team Administrator can modify team member’s information and user privileges and it must be done from the Team Administrator’s Dropbox account.

1) Log in to your Dropbox account as the Team Administrator



2) On the home page, select Admin Console from the menu options on the left


3) On the Admin Console page, select ‘Members’ from the menu on the left (usually selected by default)

4) Click on the () icon corresponding to the user whose permissions you want to modify

5) From the pop-up options, select ‘Add admin permissions’

6) Select whether you want to assign the user ‘Team Admin’; ‘User Management Admin’ or ‘Support Admin’ permissions (for more information on each of these roles refer to this article) and then click the Add button

Note: Tiered administration is not available for Dropbox Standard service plans.

Synchronizing Data on CCP

If you want role changes to team members reflected in the Customer Control Panel, follow these additional steps:

7) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


8) Click on the Dropbox option from the left side menu.


9) On the ‘List of the members created.’ page, click the Synchronize member button


10) When you view a member’s details, you can see the change in their role before and after synchronizing

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