Please note the following:

  • This action can only be done by another Team Administrator
  • If removing a Team Administrator, ensure you have appointed someone else as Team Administrator before following the steps in this article
  • If you only want to remove admin privileges or reassign the team member to another admin role but not delete the user refer to ‘How to: Assign Administrative Permissions to Team Members & Synchronize Info with CCP
  • After you delete an Administrator, the license becomes available for reassignment

1) Log in to your Dropbox account with your Team Admin credentials


2) Your Dropbox account opens


3) Select Admin Console from the menu on the left

4) A new window opens with all the Admin Console options on the left

5) By default, the ‘Members’ option is selected and the members are listed

6) Click the settings (download__7_.png) icon corresponding to the admin you want to delete from this Dropbox account

7) Select ‘Suspend or delete user’ from the settings’ options

8) A pop-up window opens

9) Select the ‘Delete’ option

10) Configure the delete options: to have the former admin’s files transferred to another user (provide the email address of the new team admin) and whether to delete existing files on the former admin’s devices

11) Click the Delete button

12) The former admin will no longer be listed under ‘Members’

The license becomes available and can be reassigned.

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