You can purchase additional licenses if you need to assign more Dropbox accounts to users. Follow these steps to modify the number of licenses on a Dropbox subscription.


  1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel. 

  1. Choose the Dropbox subscription where the Customer serves as the Team Admin from the menu options on the left side. Note: You can identify different subscriptions based on the Subscription ID. 

  1. Click the MANAGE LICENSES button in the Administration tile on the Dropbox page. 

  1. Use the + or - buttons on the Buy More Licenses window to increase or decrease the number of licenses, then click the OK button once the required seats are increased. 


• The number of unassigned licenses can be found under 'Available'.
• You will get an alert when you purchase additional licenses while you still have unassigned licenses.
• The total nunmber of licenses cannot be reduced to less than the number of current Active users.
• The total number of licenses cannot be reduced to less than the minimum required number of licenses. For example, you cannot reduce the number of licenses for Dropbox Business - Standard service plan to less than 3 licenses.

  1. Review your order details, then click the CONFIRM button.