IMPORTANT! If you are going to delete a Team Admin please ensure another ‘Admin User’ has already been assigned the role of ‘Team Admin’ for this Dropbox subscription.

1) When you log in to your Dropbox Account (must be a ‘Team Admin’) you will land on the ‘Home’ page

2) Select Admin Console from the list of options from the left side menu


3) Ensure ‘Members’ is selected from Admin Console’s sub-menu options


4) On the ‘Members’ page, click on the settings icon ()

5) From the list of drop down options select ‘Suspend member’ or ‘Delete member’


·   Select ‘Suspend’ if you want to temporarily withhold this Dropbox service from a User or;


·   Select ‘Delete’ if you want to remove the User from the Dropbox Team and free the license to assign to another User.