Team Admins are permitted to create team members from their Dropbox account or from the Customer Control Panel (CCP). In order to keep members’ information synchronized between CCP and a Dropbox account you can synchronize data between the two by using the Synchronize Members button in the Customer Control Panel (CCP).


Follow the instructions in this article to synchronize members’ information and status (such as ‘Invited’, ‘Error’, etc.):


1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel


2) Select the Dropbox subscription from the left-side menu options (you can identify different subscriptions based on the subscription ID)



3) On the ‘Dropbox’ page, scroll down to the ‘Users’ section



4) Click on the SYNCHRONIZE MEMBERS button


 5) Allow a little time for syncing to complete


6) When synchronization is complete, the following changes (if applicable) will be updated:

  1. New members will be added;
  2. Changes to ‘MEMBER ROLE’ will be updated and;
  3. Users that have accepted invites will show the status ‘Active’.