Resellers must have a Dropbox-issued Reseller ID for purchasing Dropbox subscriptions.


If you have purchased Dropbox previously from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace (CMP), your Reseller ID will be automatically displayed at checkout.

If you have a reseller ID and are purchasing Dropbox from CMP for the first time you can go through the purchasing process on Ingram Micro’s CMP and enter your Reseller ID during checkout.

If you do not have a Reseller ID; you can acquire one while purchasing a Dropbox subscription from Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace.

Following is a description of steps to follow, from service selection to checkout, with or without a Reseller ID:

1) In the IM Cloud Marketplace select Cloud Solutions > Communication & Collaboration > Dropbox



2) Click on the BUY NOW button.


3) Follow this article for further purchase process.

Dropbox will send a welcome email to the individual whose information was provided during purchase and assigned the role of Team Administrator.

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