You can access usage reports from the ‘Dashboard’ section under the Dropbox Business tab. These are the different kinds of usage reports available for your Dropbox account:

  • Shared links created
  • Shared links viewed total
  • Shared linked by team
  • Total usage
  • Shared and unshared usage
  • Shared folders


1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the Dropbox Business tab


3) The ‘Dropbox team information.’ page opens



4) If the graphics section of the ‘Dashboard’ is contracted, click on the (download__2_.png) arrow button to expand



5) Select a usage report from ‘Show:’ by clicking on the () button



6) Select a time period from under ‘for the last:’ by clicking on the () button




Example of a ‘Total usage’ report

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