Before Purchasing a Google Subscription:

The following steps are required before you can begin placing orders for Google Cloud Products:

Step 1: Submit your request to Become a  Google Cloud Indirect reseller;

                Step 2:  Complete the Google member enrollment form in Partner Advantage..

Step 3: Create a Cloud Identity in Google. (Skip this step if you already have a Google account using your company domain)

Step 4: To configure Google Cloud Identity follow 04. Connect to Channel - Reseller Cloud Identity

Identify the type of transaction:

  1. Transfer - Transferring an Existing Domain’s management already Registered with Google? - See: 05. Transfer an Existing Domain Already Registered with Google
  2. New - Purchasing a new G Suite/Workspace plan? - See: 03. How to: Place a new Order
  3. Trial - Upgrading a Trial to a paid subscription? - See: 09How to: Upgrade a Trial subscription to a Paid version of G - Suite