1. Log in to your Reseller Control Panel. mceclip0.png

  2. Click on Reseller Authorization from the left side menu.  

  3. Click on REQUIRES ATTENTION button at the extreme right of the Google G Suite. mceclip3.png 

  4. You will be redirected to the Connect page where it will ask for Reseller Cloud Identity. Provide the domain that is linked to YOUR COMPANY Cloud Identity and click on the SUBMIT button. mceclip4.png

  5. Please WAIT 5 Minutes.  

  6. Now go back to the Reseller Control Panel and again click on the Reseller Authorization tab.

  7. Again click on the REQUIRES ATTENTION for Google G Suite. mceclip6.png 

  8. This time you will see Partnership is not Consent. Select the drop down and change to “Partnership Consent”.
  9. Then, click on the hyperlink “Click here to Approve”. mceclip7.png 

    • NOTE - It is recommended to use an incognito session to do the following steps. They take place on Google, not in the marketplace.

  10. Provide your Google Cloud Identity Admin username and click on the Sign-In button. 

  11. Provide the password and Sign-In.  

  12. On the next page, click on the Connect to Reseller button. mceclip10.png

  13. On success, you will see the below message. If not, then click on the link highlighted below.
    • **NotePartner Advantage Enrollment is REQUIRED. If this step is not completed at this stage, please enroll. Once enrollment is accepted (1-2 days), you can finish this process**

    • Issues with Enrollment? - contact Partner Concierge or reach out to our Google Team GoogleCloudSales@ingrammicro.com to escalate. 


  14. Now go back to the below screen and click on the SUBMIT button. mceclip12.png 

  15. Again wait for at least 5 minutes.  

  16. Again go back to the Reseller Control Panel and click on the Reseller Authorization tab. mceclip14.png 

  17. Now you will see the Google Workspace status is Ready. Click on the MANAGE button. mceclip14.png

  18. Here you will see the details of the Google Workspace Service. mceclip16.png 

  19. Reseller Cloud Identity is now properly configured.