Additional information is only required if:

  • The customer’s email belongs to the same domain in the order.
  • The account is being transferred from another distributor or Google.
  • Order is for a dependent entitlement and the customer needs to say G Suite domain has been verified.
  • In this case, a wrong domain was used (uppercase) to force this behavior.


  1. Login to the Customer Control Panel.
  2. If you see the below screen on the Customer Control Panel, click on the Activation Form link.


  1. Provide the customer domain name, Admin user prefix and click on the SUBMIT button.


  1. Please wait up to 10 minutes for Google to provision the services at their end.
  2. Now if you go back to the Customer Control Panel and refresh the page, you will see the Google G Suite Subscription is activated.


  1. If you click on the tile, you will see the details of the subscription.