1. Login to Customer Control Panel .

Fig. 1

  1. Click on G – Suite tab on the left side menu.

Fig. 2

NOTE:  Add-Ons depends on the SKU purchased. Usually Add-on is available for G-Suite Basic. For G-Suite Business we don't need to manage add-ons, it is already available to user as license assigned.


  1. Go to Add-ons.

Fig. 3

  1. Click on ENABLE ADD-ON

Fig. 4

  1. Once you enable the Add-ons, they will be available to assign to the Users.
  2. Go back to G-Suite landing page.

Fig. 5

  1. Select the user(s) to assign the add-ons

Fig. 6

  1. Select the MANAGE DRIVE or MANAGE VAULT menu item and assign the respective services to users

Fig. 7

  1. You can assign and remove the services from users by selecting the respective option

Fig. 8