Getting New Users Started on IBM Connections Portal

The general process to begin using IBM Connections services are:

  1. Purchase IBM Connections Cloud subscription from CMP
  2. Activate subscription
  3. Assign license to a user
  4. Assign IBM Connections Cloud base product to user
  5. Send myCP login credentials to user
  6. User logs into myCP and creates password to access IBM Connections portal
  7. User accesses IBM Connections portal to begin using assigned product(s)

This article describes the information and instructions to provide each IBM product user.

The Customer will need to send emails to users informing them that they can access their IBM product (and add-on).

IMPORTANT! The user’s first time login to IBM’s Connections portal must be through myCP.

The Customer will need to send an email to users and provide the following information to each user:

  1. myCP URL
  2. User’s login credentials for myCP (refer to ‘How to: Acquire a User’s Login Credentials to myCP’)
  3. Send instructions on creating a password on myCP to access IBM Connections Cloud Service Portal (refer to ‘How to: Create a Password for IBM Connections Cloud Service Portal’)
  4. Let users know that once the password is created first time login to IBM Connections Cloud Service Portal must be from myCP (refer to ‘First-time Login to IBM Connections Portal’)


How to: Acquire a User’s Login Credentials to myCP


1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the ‘Users’ tab


3) On the ‘Users’ page, click on the ‘Display name’ of the user whose myCP login credentials you want to see:


4) The user’s information page opens:


5) The user’s email address here will be the ID which will be used to login.


6) To get the user’s password, click on Reset Password:


7) User will receive an invitation to change a password on this email. Click Ok to confirm:


8) The password that will be set by the user can now be used in conjunction with the login ID (email address) mentioned above.


How to: Create a Password for IBM Connections Portal


You can provide these instructions to your user so they can create a password to access IBM Connections Portal. Only first-time login to IBM Connections Portal must be from myCP. All subsequent visits can be directly from IBM login page.

The user should do the following:

1) Open myCP link

2) Enter log in credentials and click the Login button


3) Click on IBM Connections Cloud from the left-side menu options:


4) Click the Set Password button:


5) The ‘Set Password’ page will open:


6) Click the Generate button or the user can enter their own password:


7) Click the Show button so the generated or created password can be seen

Note: The password should be remembered or recorded somewhere for direct login to IBM Connections Portal. Also, pay attention to the min. password requirements. 

8) Click the Submit button


9) The user will receive a confirmation message. Click on Sync to synchronize the changes with IBM Connections portal:



First-time Login to IBM Connections Portal


1) Now from myCP > ‘IBM Connections Cloud’ tab, the user can click on Login


2) The IBM Connections web page will be launched. Enter the user ID & password (created on myCP) and click the Sign in button:


3) The user is now in the IBM Connections portal: