The general process to follow for activating IBM Connections subscriptions are:

  1. Purchase IBM Connections Cloud subscription from CMP
  2. Activate subscription
  3. Assign license to a user
  4. Assign IBM Connections Cloud base product to user(s)
  5. Send myCP login credentials to user
  6. User logs into myCP and creates password to access IBM Connections portal
  7. User accesses IBM Connections portal to begin using assigned product(s)

This article describes how to assign add-ons to base products (if applicable).

1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the ‘IBM Connections Cloud’ tab


3) Select the ‘Subscribers’ tab


4) On the ‘Subscribers’ page, click Modify corresponding to the user to whom you want to assign the base product to:


5) On the ‘Subscribers’ page, click the Add/Remove Add-ons button


6) Click the (>>) button to move the add-on from under ‘Available’ to under ‘Assigned’


7) Click the Save button


8) You will receive a confirmation message.


Now you can invite user(s) to begin using their IBM Connections product. The information and instructions to provide to your user is described here.