The general process to begin using IBM Connections services are:

  1. Purchase IBM Connections Cloud subscription from CMP
  2. Activate subscription
  3. Assign license to a user
  4. Assign IBM Connections Cloud base product to user(s)
  5. Send myCP login credentials to user
  6. User logs into myCP and creates password to access IBM Connections portal
  7. User accesses IBM Connections portal to begin using assigned product(s)

This article describes how to assign licenses first and then assign base products to users. These steps need to be followed sequentially.

Licenses and products can be assigned to one of the following kinds of users:          

  1. Users existing on Odin
  2. Users that need to be created on Odin first
  3. Users who are also the Customer(Customer automatically receives Administrative rights on IBM Connections portal)

Select the steps to follow based on the user’s description. After assigning the license you can assign the base product.

How to: Assign Licenses to Users Not Residing on Odin (or the Customer) 

IMPORTANT! These steps will be the same if the user is also the Customer.

1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the ‘Users’ tab


3) On the ‘Users’ page, click the Add New Users button


4) On the ‘Add New Users’ page, enter all the mandatory details and click on Finish button at the bottom right-hand side.

Note: Services can be assigned to users after the User Creation is done successfully.


Since the User has been created now, go back to Users page & click on the User name:


5) Scroll the page down & click on Assign Service under User Services category:


6) Once the service has been assigned, the following message will be displayed under User Services > IBM Connection Cloud:


How to: Assign a License to a User that Already Exists on Odin (or the Customer)

 1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the ‘Users’ tab


3) Select a user from the list


4) The user’s information page opens


5 Scroll the page down & click on Assign Service under IBM Connections Cloud:


IMPORTANT! If you have more than one subscription, ensure the IBM Connection Cloud subscription, with the right order number, is selected.

6) Once the service has been assigned, the following message will be displayed:


Now you can assign an IBM Connections Cloud base product to the user by following the steps detailed here.


How to: Assign A Base Product to a User

Once you have finished assigning a license to the user, you can now assign the base product.

1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the ‘IBM Connections Cloud’ tab


3) Select the ‘Subscribers’ tab


4) On the ‘Subscribers’ page, click Modify corresponding to the user to whom you want to assign the base product to:


5) On the ‘Subscribers’ page, click the Add/Remove Entitlements button


6) Under the ‘Add or Remove Subscription section, select the base product under ‘Available’


7) Click the (>>) button to move the base product from under ‘Available’ to under ‘Assigned’


8) Click the Save button


9) You will receive a confirmation message


If there are add-ons refer to the article ‘How to: Assign Add-ons’.

Now on the CCP the following changes can be seen:

  1. Under ‘Subscriptions Management’ tab you can see the details of the user and the base product assigned to that user
  2.  If you return to the ‘My Account’ tab you will see the assigned license(s) reflected under ‘Number of Seats for Base Products’ section


Now you can invite user(s) to begin using their IBM Connections product. The information and instructions to provide to your user is described here. If the IBM subscriptions has add-ons, please assign the add-ons first.