If the user has an add-on assigned as well, the add-on must be unassigned first.

1) Log in to your Customer’s Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the ‘IBM Connections Cloud’ tab


3) Select the ‘Subscribers’ tab


4) On the ‘Subscribers’ page, click Modify corresponding to the user whose base product assignment you want to revoke:


5) Click the Add/Remove Add-Ons button (if applicable) then go to Step 6 or Add/Remove Entitlements button:


6) Under the ‘Add or Remove Subscriptions’ section, select the base product under ‘Assigned’ & click the (<<) button to move the base product from under ‘Assigned’ to under ‘Available’:


7) Click the Save button


8) You will receive a confirmation message:


9) If you are completing the unassignment of add-ons, then return to Step 5 and repeat steps 5 – 9.

You will see under ‘My Account’ that the base product (and add-ons) are available for re-assignment to another user.