Adding an Email to the Blacklist in SpamExperts

SpamExperts increases productivity by protecting your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks. You can add senders or recipients to the blacklist by domain or by specific email addresses.

Follow the steps below to add an email to the blacklist in SpamExperts.

1)    Log in to the Customer Control Panel for the customer.

2)    Select the mail subscription in the top right corner drop-down menu.

3)    Navigate to the Anti-Spam tab.



4)    Scroll down to the Whitelist/Blacklist section. You will see options to add an email to the Recipient and Sender blacklist. Select the appropriate option.



5)    Fill in the required fields to add the email to the SpamExperts blacklist and click Add.

Addresses can also be added in bulk by uploading a CSV file.