Exchange Autodiscover allows you to set up your mailbox in your mail client using just your email address and password. The Autodiscover DNS (CNAME) Record is usually added by default when you purchase a Hosted Exchange subscription. However, if Autodiscover is not working for your mailbox, you should use the following steps to check if the DNS record is configured correctly, and add it if it is not.


  1. Log in to the Reseller control panel. Switch to Classic Panel.

2. Make sure that the link at the top, right-hand side of the page says Operations. If it says Billing, click it.

3. Click Customers in the left-hand menu.


4. Locate your customer’s account in the list and click on the Account Name.




5. Click on To Control Panel.




6. You will be redirected to Customer Control panel.

7. Click on Domains from the right side menu option.

8. Registered Domain Subscriptions are displayed on this page.



9. Click on Actions drop down button, and click on Manage DNS



10. The Auto-discover Record should appear by default as highlighted below. If it is not there or if it is not configured correctly, follow the steps below to add it.



11. Click on Add New DNS Record.



12. Click on the drop-down, you will get an option to choose the DNS record type. Select the Record type and fill the required information.


13. If you are adding CNAME record, the period [.] after the Canonical name is required.



14. Enter the properties as shown below then click OK.


Note: All the DNS Record changes will take 24-48 hour to complete the propagation. Then you will be able to set up your mailbox with a mail client using just your username and password.