Outlook 2013 contains the Autodiscovery feature, which requires just entering your mailbox e-mail address and password to automatically configure the connection with your mailbox.
However, in some cases Autodiscovery may not able to establish the connection. In this case, you will need to use the configuration script – see instructions here.
This article explains how to configure Outlook 2013 to connect with the Exchange Server using the Autodiscovery feature.


1) Open Start > Control Panel > Mail. Mail Setup dialog appears.

2) Click

Show Profiles button. Mail dialog appears.

3) Make sure Prompt for a profile to be used option is selected and click Add.

4) Enter a Profile Name in the New Profile dialog box and press OK.

5) In the Add New E-mail Account wizard fill Your Name, E-mail Address and Password fields and click Next >.

6) In the Exchange login prompt enter your mailbox login user1@yourdomainexample.com and password.

7) Outlook will try to discover your mailbox settings over secure internet connection. You could be prompted to allow Outlook to perform redirection from one site (unsecure) to another (secure). Allow this redirection. 

  • If Autodiscovery is unable to perform the configuration, see this article for instructions to configure it using the Configuration Script.


This completes the process of configuring Outlook 2013 to connect with Exchange Server. If the Autodiscovery feature does not work with your mailbox, see this article for instructions on configuring Outlook 2013 manually.
Outlook will prompt you to select a profile each time you open the program – make sure to select the correct profile that you just created.