Once you have registered your domain and set up mail hosting, you can create email accounts to send and receive mail. You can create as many mailboxes as are included in your subscription. Navigate to the Account tab and click Buy Additional Resources to check how many mailboxes you have available and purchase more if necessary.

1)    Log in to your Customer Control Panel and select your Exchange subscription from the drop-down menu on the top right hand side.



2)    Navigate to the Exchange tab. You will see a list of mailboxes if any have already been created.



3)    Click on Add New Mailbox and fill in the required fields.



4)    On the following page, confirm that the correct information has been entered. You can also see the specifications of the new mailbox. If everything is correct, click Finish.




That completes the instructions for creating new mailboxes in your hosting account. Repeat the above steps to create additional email accounts for your domain.