If your Exchange hosting plan includes a Microsoft Outlook 2013 license, you can download the software from within your customer control panel by following the steps below.


1) Log in to your control panel.

2) Navigate to the Exchange tab, where you will see a list of your Exchange mailboxes. 

  • If the mailbox subscription includes an Outlook license, it will be listed in the Mailbox template column as highlighted below. 

3) Find the user that you are installing Outlook for and Click on the user’s Display name to see the user information page.

4) The Outlook license information is found at the bottom under Mailbox Access. Take note of where to find the number – you will need this code to activate Outlook once it has been downloaded.

5) Click the Download Outlook hyperlink to begin the download in a new window.

6) Choose the correct version (32-bit or 64-bit) and click the Download now link beside it. 

  • If you see a security warning dialogue box, click Run.


7) Next you will be prompted to Install Now or Customize.

  • Install Now will proceed with the installation using the default settings.
  • By clicking Customize you will be able to change some settings before installing.

Note: if you already have an older version of Outlook installed on your machine, the first button will say Upgrade rather than Install Now. Click upgrade to launch the Upgrade Wizard.

8) Once Microsoft Outlook has finished installing, you may be prompted to enter the license key, which we saw in step 3. Enter this information if requested, and restart Outlook to complete the activation.


You have now finished downloading and installing Microsoft Outlook 2013. Please see this article for help with setting up Outlook 2013 to use with your Exchange mailbox.