Exchange ActiveSync allows users to connect with their Exchange Mailbox using many mobile devices, including Android. This article provides instructions to connect with your mailbox using an Android device.

Instructions may vary depending on the model device you are using.

1)    Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.

2)    Tap on the Email icon in your device’s apps menu.

3)    Enter the following information:

Email address: Type your e-mail address.
Password: Type your mailbox password.

Then tap Next.


4)    Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the type of account.

5)    Your device will detect the Exchange server settings automatically. If your settings are not detected automatically you will have to enter them manually. See this article for instructions to find your Exchange server configuration parameters.

6)    Select the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox.

7)    Leave the Accept all SSL certificates checkbox clear.

8)    Tap Next.

9)    If a warning box appears that the server must be able to remotely control some security features on your device, tap OK.

10) Specify the following account options (you can use the default values or specify the custom ones):

Email checking frequency (Automatic (Push)/Never/Every 5 minutes/Every 10 minutes/Every 15 minutes/Every 30 minutes),
Amount to synchronize (One day/Three days/One week/Two weeks/One month),
Sent email from this account by default (Yes/No),
Notify me when email arrives (Yes/No),
Sync contacts from this account (Yes/No)


Tap the Next button.


11) Tap Activate to active device administrator.

12) Specify an account name (optional) and your name.

Tap Done to complete the configuration procedure.

After following these steps, you can access your Exchange Mailbox using your Android device.