It is possible to use Ingram Micro Hosted Exchange with a domain that is registered with another provider, even if you want your website to remain hosted with the other company. First, you need to identify the MX records for Ingram Micro Hosted Exchange. Then, you will need to update the MX records for your domain with your current registrar. Follow the instructions below to connect your IM Hosted Exchange account to your domain registered elsewhere. 

Step 1: Identify Ingram Micro Hosted Exchange MX records

1)    Log in to your Customer Control Panel.

2)    Select All Domains from the drop-down menu in the top, right-hand side of the page.



3)    Navigate to the Hosted Domains tab and click Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere.



4)    Enter the required data as shown below and click next.

  • Domain: Enter the existing domain that is registered elsewhere.
  • Subscription: Select the correct Hosted Exchange subscription.
  • Web Hosting: Leave selected as None.
  • Mail Hosting: Select Microsoft Exchange as hosting type and then select the correct Hosted Exchange subscription.



5)    Check the domain hosting parameters and click Next.



  • Now that you have added the domain, it will appear in the list of Hosted Domains.


6)    Click on the domain name in your Hosted Domains list.




7)    Navigate to the DNS tab, then the DNS Records sub-tab.

Identify the MX records as highlighted in the screenshot below.



Step 2: Update DNS Settings at Current Registrar

1)    Log in to the control panel of your current domain registrar.

2)    Edit the DNS settings for this domain.

  • Do not edit NS, A, or CNAME records since this may affect the hosting attached to the domain.
  • Edit the MX records only with the values identified through the above steps.

Now, your domain that is registered elsewhere is connected with your Hosted Exchange subscription with Ingram Micro.