Outlook 2013 contains the Autodiscovery feature, which allows you to configure Outlook to connect with the Exchange server by simply entering you email address and password.
In some cases, Outlook’s Autodiscovery feature may be unable to configure Outlook 2013 to connect with Exchange Server automatically.
In this case, you can use the configuration script to configure Outlook 2013 manually to connect with your mailbox.

Follow the instructions below to complete the configuration of Outlook 2013 manually. The instructions assume you have already downloaded and installed Outlook 2013 to your machine.



1) The first step is to download the configuration script and save it locally. The script for your mailbox can be found within your control panel by navigating to the Exchangetab, clicking the mailbox’s Display name, and clicking View setup info next to “Outlook Access” under Mailbox Access.


2) A new window opens with Outlook configuration information. Click on the Download Outlook Profile Configuration Script and save the file location.

  • If you would prefer to download your Outlook profile and import it manually, click on Download Outlook Profile under Advanced Outlook Configuration and save it locally.

3) Make sure Outlook is not running.

4) If you downloaded the Configuration Script you just have to double click it to run it and your Outlook profile will be configured.

  • If you chose to download your Outlook profile, open Start>Run and execute the following command:

5) When Outlook opens, enter the Exchange Server configuration parameters in the appropriate fields. For help finding your configuration parameters, see this article.


After following these instructions, you have finished configuring Outlook 2013 to connect with Exchange Server, and you can use Microsoft Outlook to access your mailbox.