Starter Guide

Intermedia offers more than 30 essential cloud services including: file sharing; phone systems; backup, email Exchange; email archiving and much more. All of these services and their users can be easily managed from within Intermedia’s Control Panel.

Once you have purchased your Intermedia subscription, you can log in to your Customer’s Control Panel and use the one-click access to Intermedia’s Control Panel. Alternatively, you can also access Intermedia’s Control Panel from their welcome email. Before you begin managing users and services from Intermedia’s Control Panel, you must setup your administrative account by going through the setup wizard.

IMPORTANT: The individual whose name and details were provided at the time of purchasing the Intermedia subscription will be listed as the administrator of the Intermedia Control Panel. The administrator receives all emails Intermedia’s communications and access rights for managing services. For a complete reference to Intermedia’s knowledge base click here.