Ingram Micro Cloud resellers can change the number of seats in a customer’s Office 365 subscription through the Reseller Control Panel. Follow the instructions below to change the number of licenses included in an end customer’s Office 365 subscription.

1) Log in to the Reseller Control Panel.


2) Click on the Customers tab at the left side menu.


3) Here you will see the list of subscriptions for your customers.


4) Type office 365 in the search box and hit enter.


5) You will see all the available Office 365 subscriptions of your customers. Click  on the subscription name you want to make the changes.


6) You will see the subscription details, click on the CHANGE button at the top right corner.


7) Increase/ Decrease your Office 365 resource limits and click on the NEXT button.


8) Check the order details and then click on the CONFIRM button to place the order.


9) As the order is provisioned, you will see the updated resource limits for the subscription.

Now that you have finished adding seats to the Office 365 subscription, the seats can be assigned to end users through the Microsoft portal at