This article explains how to add or change the Office 365 licenses that are assigned to a user profile. It assumes you have already purchased subscriptions and created user profiles for the customer’s end users. Click the links for help on those tasks if you have not already completed them.

Follow these steps to assign licenses or change the assigned licenses on Office 365 user profiles.

1)    Log in to the customer-level admin portal at

2)    From the Active user section, select the user & click on More options:


You can either assign licenses to one user at a time, or to many users in bulk. Click the appropriate link here to see instructions for each method.

Note - If you change assigned licenses for more than one user at once, all users must be assigned the same license type. If you need to assign different licenses to different users, you will need to do them in separate batches.

Changing licenses assigned to a single user

Changing licenses for multiple users in bulk

Changing licenses assigned to a single user

Follow these steps to change the license(s) that are assigned to a single user.

  1. Select the user for whom you want to change the license:

  2. Click on hamburger dots & subsequently click on Manage product licenses:


  1. You will now see the # of licenses available/already assigned to that user:


 Select the desired one & click on Save changes.

Changing licenses assigned to multiple users in bulk

Follow these steps to update multiple users.

1.  Select all of the appropriate users and click on the hamburger dots:


2. Now click on Manager product licenses:


 3. Select Replace existing license assignments or Add to existing license assignments, then select the license type to assign. Note that the license(s) you select will be assigned to allof the users you selected in step 1.


4. The next page will ask you to click on Replace or Add based on your chose on point #3. After a few moments, the new licenses will be assigned to the selected users.