Ingram Micro now distributes PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) Conferencing and Calling with E5 SKUs. Each SKU will include all required taxes and fees for their PSTN services. The tax and fee amounts are being billed on behalf of Skype Communications US Corporation and are calculated on the end-customer’s bill-to-address.

Please review carefully before purchasing a PSTN subscription:

  • You should contact your tax and legal counsel to understand your specific situation with regard to PSTN Services’ regulation; taxes and fees; and their potential liabilities. If you markup the price of a PSTN service (e.g. E5 with PSTN Conferencing), you will likely be responsible for calculating and remitting all related PSTN taxes and fees.
  • Partners must agree to the new ‘Additional Terms and Conditions for Microsoft’s CSP Service Subscriptions’ before subscribing to any Microsoft Subscriptions. Please review this carefully before purchasing a PSTN subscription.
  • Ingram Micro has disabled term discounts for PSTN services by default.

If you have any further questions, please contact: 


1-844-CLOUDIM (256-8346)