Resellers and Customers can log in to the Customer Control Panel to view information about the Customer’s Microsoft Account and purchased subscriptions. This article details the following:

  1.  How to access the Microsoft CSP page in the Customer Control Panel
  2.  Describes the interface and defines the displayed information
  3.  Summarizes all functionalities that can be performed within the Customer Control Panel


Accessing the Microsoft CSP Page

 1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) You can access the Microsoft CSP option both from the left-side menu or the ‘Home’ page:



3) The ‘Microsoft CSP’ page opens:

About the Microsoft CSP Page’s Interface

  The ‘Microsoft CSP’ page can be divided into 2 sections:

1) The Customer’s Microsoft Account related information and functions (all functions are described in the Summary of Functions Performed on the CCP) and

2) Subscription related information and functions


 Summary of Functions Performed on the CCP

 Within the CCP, you can do the following: