The Microsoft Portal is essential for managing services and users; and in order to access the Microsoft Portal you will require the ‘Microsoft User ID’ and ‘Password’. The Customer’s Microsoft User ID is stored in the Customer Control Panel along with a temporary password that forces the Customer to create a new password before accessing the Microsoft Portal. This new password will not be recorded in the CCP (in case you forget your new password, refer to ‘Admins: Reset Office 365 passwords’ to learn how to reset a password).

This article contains instructions for creating a new password for Admin's access to the Microsoft Portal and then describes how to access the portal on subsequent visits.


First-time Access to Microsoft Portal


1) Log in to your Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) From the left-side menu, select the Microsoft CSP option


3) The ‘Microsoft CSP’ page opens:


4) Note down the ‘Microsoft User ID’ found in the section directly under ‘Microsoft CSP’:


5) Note the temporary password, found by clicking View Password:


6) Click Login to Office 365


7) The Microsoft Portal login page opens where the Customer can enter the Microsoft User ID and the temporary password, and then the Customer will be required to create a new password


 IMPORTANT! For security reasons, the newly created password will not be updated in the CCP.

Subsequent Access to the Microsoft Portal

 1) Open a browser window and enter in the URL field:


2) Enter the ‘Microsoft User ID’ and ‘Password’ will be asked after clicking on Next button: