Resellers have to sign the Microsoft Partner Agreement to continue reselling of Microsoft Subscriptions and services to their customer, as it is mandatory condition from January 31st 2020 onward. It Provide partners with a simple, unified, digitally executed partner agreement that contains a core set of perpetual terms and enhanced data privacy, security and compliance terms presented through a simplified contracting experience.

If you want to confirm, whether the Microsoft Partner Agreement is signed or not, click here.

Please follow below steps to accept and Sign the Microsoft Partner Agreement.


  1. Login to the Microsoft Partner Center.


  1. Now go to Dashboard, indirect reseller enrollment details are captured in Partner Center including associated MPN ID. Click on Enroll Now button at the bottom.


  1. Now you will see a message for the Agreement. Read the Agreement carefully and click on the Accept and Continue button.


  1. As you click on the Accept and Continue button, you are agreed to the Microsoft Partner Agreement.

**Important Update: Partners who have not accepted the Microsoft Partner Agreement by January 31st, 2020 will not be able to place new orders for Microsoft Products and will be limited to managing existing subscriptions only. Click here to know more. Please ignore if you have already accepted the agreement.