We’ve identified customers under your tenant that can switch to Microsoft 365 Business Premium today to unlock more value, added security features and Windows 10 for the same price, or less.

Step 1: Read the blog on why it’s more profitable for partners and customers to switch (5 minutes)

Step 2: Purchase Microsoft 365 Business Premium

NOTE: Partners that change Office 365 E3 licenses to Microsoft 365 Business Premium are advised to complete the entire motion on a single calendar day. This will minimize the possibility for both offers to the billed for the same time period. 

To keep your customers’ billing date the same, we recommend that you purchase and cancel on the same date as your customer’s initial subscription started. 

  • If the customer does not have an existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Partner can purchase a new subscription and assign it to the existing customer tenant. Learn how to purchase a subscription from the Reseller Control Panel. 


  • If the customer has an existing Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription: Instead of doing a sales order for a new Subscription, select the existing Active Subscription and initiate a change order to increase the quantity of licenses. Learn how to add seats to an existing subscription. 


Step 3: Reassign licenses to multiple users

Partners can visit their Office 365 admin center on portal.office.com to reassign the newly active Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription to their customer(s). Learn how to change assigned licenses on user profiles for Microsoft CSP subscriptions. 

Step 4: Remove Office 365 E3 subscriptions no longer needed

Based on your customers’ needs, please remove licenses accordingly: 

  • If all Office E3 licenses are no longer needed: Partners can remove licenses through a cancellation order. Learn how to cancel CSP subscriptions through the Reseller Control Panel. 


  • If users are still assigned to Office 365 E3 licenses: Partners can remove licenses safe to remove through a change order to decrease seats. Learn how to change assigned licenses on User Profiles for Microsoft CSP subscriptions. 


Step 5: Request credit for monthly and annual subscriptions canceled (US only)

Through IMCloudServiceDesk@cloud.im or 1-844-CloudIM (1-844-256-8346), partners can request a credit that will be credited back to their Cloud Marketplace account.  


To check the status of this ticket at any time, you can visit our Self-Service Portal at:

https://kb.cloud.im/hc/en-us/requests. You can also click on the chat icon here to get help instantly from one of our live chat agents. 

(Optional) Step 6: Explore Resources tab in Product pages for Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium  

To help your customers scale a secure, remote work environment with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, we’ve built multiple campaigns around the benefits of moving to Microsoft 365. Find all the go-to-market resources through Resources tab in Product pages on Cloud Marketplace*.