Microsoft CSP Trial FAQs

 Q. How many licenses will be provided by Microsoft and will I be able to upgrade/downgrade licenses?

A. Microsoft provides with 25 licenses for trial version, i.e. you cannot either downgrade or upgrade the licenses in trail version.

Q. What will happen after Trail period is over?

A. Subscription will renew for 12 months once the trial period is over.

Q. For how many days do I get the trial period for?

A. You will get trial period of 30 days and it will show a button for upgrade to paid version on Customer Control Panel.

Q. What will happen if I select option to upgrade? I will be able to increase/decrease licenses?

A. Once you will select the option to upgrade, you will get the option to increase or decrease the number of licenses.

Q. What will happen if I want to reduce the number of licenses?

A. If you have assigned all the 25 licenses to users, you will not be able to reduce the license number.

Q.What about decreased?  If we convert to a paid subscription does it automatically denote 25 licenses and therefore we are billed for that amount?  Or when we convert it, do we get the ability to pick the quantity of licenses like normal provisioning is done today?

A. Yes, after a free trial is converted to paid, they will be able to change the license quantity (increase or decrease).

Q. Are there any minimum requirements for a free trial?

A. Yes,the trial will default to 25 licenses and there is no variation on this during the trial period, once the trial converts to a paid subscription the license count can be increased.

Q. Where is this sample reconciliation file?  Can you provide?

A. The only change to the License- based Recon file is the addition of a column AA, which will include the description if the subscription is billed monthly or annually.

Q. How does cancellation of annual billing work? 

A. The ability to cancel within 30 days and receive 100% credit back applies to both monthly and annually subscriptions.

Q. Does the free trial automatically convert to a paid subscription or does it require an action from the partner? If so what is this action?

A. Free trials do not automatically convert to paid. The partner must manually convert the subscription in the Partner Center UI or via API.

Q. Can free trials be used for both monthly and annual billed subscriptions?

A. Partners will have the ability to choose billing frequency when they convert the trial from free to paid.

Q. Will the free trial generate an invoice?

A. No, the free trial will not generate an invoice or appear on the reconciliation files.

Q. Will the subscription start date apply from the date of conversion or the date of the trial start?

A. The subscription start date will be the conversion date. The subscription end date will be 12 months from the conversion date.

Q. Can we add/remove seats during the free trial?

A. No, free trials will default to a license quantity to 25 and cannot be updated.

Q. Is there a seat cap for a trial?

A. Yes, in that all free trials will default to a license quantity of 25 and this cannot be changed during the trial period.

Q. Are there trials for add-ons like ATP and PSTN?

A. There are no free trials for add-on offers.

Q. Can you trial an offer that a customer already owns?

A. No, if the offer is already owned by the customer it cannot be used for a free trial.

Q. Can a partner see all their outstanding trial offers?

A. Yes, the partner will see the free trial subscription along with the paid subscriptions on the customer page.

Q. Will the partner be notified about expiring free trials so they can be actioned?

A. There will not be any notification to the customer or partner that a trial is expiring. Partners can track upcoming expiration dates using the customer view on Partner Center or can query the API for this data. Partners are advised to monitor these dates frequently so the appropriate follow up actions can be taken with customers as they approach a decision point.

Q. Can customers sign up for another trial with a different subscription?

A. Customers can sign up for one trial per offer, for example one free trial for Business Premium, one free trial for E5 etc.

Q. What happens when the trial ends? Is there a notification to the customer/partner? What notifications appear when I try to log into an expired trial?

A. Once a trial has expired a customer attempting to log into that trial will see a message indicating that the trial has expired. There will not be notifications in place to flag that a trial is expiring but Partners can track this via the customer view or through API queries.

Q. Can trials be extended?

A. No - the trial must either be converted or will expire after 30 days.

Q. When a trial expires, for how long can the information in the trial be accessed?

A. Once a trial has expired reactivation is not possible, however the data is stored in line with data retention standards and if a partner wishes to purchase a new subscription with the same service plans the data can be accessed from the newly activated subscription.

Q. What about Government and Education Trials?

A. There are no free trials for Government and Education trials at this time.

Q. Can these customer trials be converted to other program tenants such as EA, Open, MOSP?

A. No, subscriptions cannot be transferred from CSP to another program.

Q. How can partners get support on free trials?

A. Partner should submit a service request via Partner Center.

Q. Will free trials be covered as part of the Early Adopter Program (EAP)?

A. Trial offers will be covered by the Early Adopter Program on the 26th April but if you can't make it the webinar recording will be posted to the Early Adopter Program Yammer communityand you can review the material and ask questions in that forum.