This document will provide you information about Microsoft Security Requirement for Partner Center for CSPs. Microsoft is implementing a security framework change to introduce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Partner Center.

New Mandatory Security Requirements


Reinforce security requirement for partners in the CSP program ecosystem to protect them and their customers from potential security and financial risk caused by malicious agents.


  1. Apply new secure application implementation model for accessing partner center APIs
  2. Implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) using Azure AD compatible MFA solution.


  1. All partners Integrating Partner Center APIs
  • Control Panel Platform providers
  • CSP Indirect providers/ Direct bill partners
  1. All partners who need access to Partner Center APIs and Dashboard
  • CSP Indirect Provider and Direct bill partners
  • CSP Resellers: Resellers require to adopt MFA solution if they need to log on Partner center Dashboard to access CSP tenant.
  • Control Panel Platform providers


  1. Enablement due date: Dec 11, 2018
  2. Requirement enforcement date: Feb 4, 2019