Following is step-by-step guide for the Website Administrator to enable the Ecwid store on the website. Instructions will vary based on whether you are using Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress. These instructions used Wordpress. Please reference the help documentation pertaining to your respective website builder to learn how to add Ecwid Store to your website through their interface.

1) Open website by clicking on LOGIN button in Customer Control Panel. You will be redirect to Ecwid Store.


Fig. 1: Log in button highlighted, press to go to Administrator's Login page



2) Select the Dashboard option from drop down menu available when you click on the website owner’s name (top, left corner)

3) Select Plugins > Installed Plugins, the ‘Plugins’ page opens with a list of all available plugins


4) Tick the Ecwid Shopping Cart checkbox (refer to Fig. 5)

5) Click on ‘Activate’ option (refer to Fig. 5), you will receive a message inviting you to complete ‘Setup Ecwid Store’



6) Click on the Set up Ecwid Store button, you will receive a message stating that the plugin has been successfully added to your website (refer to Fig. 7)


7) Click on the Connect button, the Ecwid shopping cart icon gets added to your website (refer to Fig. 8)


 You may now want to add products and categorize them logically so buyers can browse easily. This can all be done from the Ecwid Dashboard (refer this article for more details.).

From the Customer’s Control Panel, you may like to know more about how to do one of the following: